Pictures by Tomas Uyttendaelle

20.04.2019 - 20.04.2019

Field Essays

An exhibition installation by Maximiliaan Royakkers & Ciel Grommen, shown in Transfer space of MarionDeCannière Gallery, Antwerp︎︎︎

Invited to present the House for Seasonal Neighbours in a gallery in Antwerp, Max and Ciel decided to show two new Field Essays which continued the exploration of potential representational spaces for homeless seasonal neighbours in the Belgian countryside of today and tomorrow.

On one image, one can recognize the same parking lot of the local Aldi market in Boeshoven, this time even more dressed-up as a cultural space. The other shows the basis of a windmill on a strawberry field of rural Flanders, that turned into a futuristic field house to shelter from the rain. However, on both, humans seem to remain invisible again —or are they just camouflaged?

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