On a regular basis, Seasonal Neighbours exchanges with artists, organisations, researchers... on a broad range of subjects. On this page you can find an overview of the projects, people and organisations we entered in dialogue with, in the hope to create of a rich network of peers and engage in a growing understanding of seasonal cohabitation in rural areas.

Charlotte Grégoire and Anne Schlitz (BE) on their film ‘Ceux qui restent

Andreea Bortun (RO) on her film projects ‘Reflections in the east / chronicles of female migration from rural areas‘ and ‘Blue Banks

Otilia Bavara (MD) with her film “Love is not an orange”, 2023.

Jeanne Gillard & Nicolas Rivet from Rosa Brux (CH) on their exhibition project ‘Saissonniers.Saisonnières

MigratieLab Venlo (NL), an initiative of Milena Mulders (NL,SL) with art projects by Antoni Czarczyński (PL), Sofia de Benedictis (IT) and Naomi Steijger (NL)

Sébastien Marot (FR), curator of Taking the Country’s side

Marten Kuijpers & Ludo Groen (Het Nieuwe Instituut, NL) and their ‘AUTOMATED LANDSCAPES‘ research project

Mirte van Duppen (NL) on her film ‘Agrivalley’

Fernando Garcia Dory (SP) from Inland

Kunstenplatform PLAN B (BE), in the framework of Areaal, their ‘Learning Network’ focussing on artistic practices in a rural context

Journalist Tomas Vanheste (NL) on European agricultural policy

Arnd Spahn (DE) from EFFAT, European labour union

Chris Bottermans (BE) from Boerenbond, sociale zaken

Hilde Van Ransbeke, Frouke Bormans and An Dreesen from Stebo (BE)

Tim Vekemans and Barbara Roossen from the university of Hasselt, architecture department (BE)

Divya Agarwal (IN) from TUDelft, urbanism (NL)

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