Seeds at the table - Audio walk

Contributors: Ioana Lupașcu & Yacinth Pos

How long is the journey?

Seeds at the Table is a meandering conversation about cooking, recipes from home, weeds, work, knowledge exchange and personal stories about the place of departure and place of arrival of seasonal workers. The research took place between Romania and the Netherlands in villages where stories of migration reverberate in the everyday.

The project culminates in an experimental publication that brings together multiple forms of research and archiving: an informal recipe book filled with stories, ways of cooking and our personal journeys within this project. On the one side a dinner intervention guided by Yacinth Pos on a farm in Lelystad where the food cooked is born out of a dialogue with seasonal workers, on the other side an audio walk by Ioana Lupașcu following an unplanned visit to the village of her childhood summers in the north-east of Romania.   

Audio walk by Ioana Lupașcu 

The audio walk is set between Romania, the Netherlands, and the impromptu route chosen by the moving listener. The text, part fiction, part fact, part memories and abstractions focuses on how stories of seasonal work abroad give shape to the landscape, architecture, habits, food and conversations stumbled upon in the Romanian village Țibucani. It might sound personal, it is definitely not uncommon.

How long is the journey? A finished bathroom, a renovated home, a space to rest at old age or host the children when they visit. How long is the journey? 1000 euros, 5000 euros, a one story house that is a little bit taller than the neighbours. How long is the journey? A place where your mental health, sexual preference and belief are not a misfortune. How long is the journey? Until the children start school, or finish school, or are no longer sharing the house they grow up in.


Sound Composition: Maoyi (Peixuan Qiu)
Text: Ioana Lupașcu

Made possible by a grant from the Creative Industries Fund NL.

contact: ; +32 476 37 65 45