seeding noise

Contributors: Ines Marita Schaerer in collaboration with Caroline Profanter

How to take a closer look on the role of the plants within the context of modern farming, and what can we learn from listening to and deconstructing a multifaceted sonic environment?

What can be considered as forms of multispecies-resistance and how to make them graspable, palpable?

How are rhythms and cycles shaped by these highly designed environments, and how do they feed back into these processes?

This research is based on an attempt to take a closer look at the rhythms and cycles in the field, and the relationships between working bodies and crops. Their roles within the agricultural sector are interdependent and intertwined with each other. To consider both requires a different form of listening. Both the plants and the workers are disciplined and rhythmized within this industrial agricultural framework, but there are still important natural, biological processes which resist the compulsion of synchronisation.

Together with the composer Caroline Profanter, we speculate on these processes and biological (poly-)rhythms as resisting, arbitrary forces against the synchronisation and the silencing by monoculture. We will create a sonic mapping by means of translation.

During the group exhibition of Seasonal Neighbours in Z33 we showed the first stage of this research. The project will later be presented in the form of a concert in a strawberry glasshouse, with all the living beings in this habitat as the audience (including plants and insects, permanent and seasonal workers).

Biography Ines Marita Schaerer
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Many thanks to Steve and Leen from Hoezaerenbosh in Hoogstraten for being so open to host this project. Also to OVERTOON, platform for sound art in Brussels, who supported the early research of Ines with a temporary studio and mentoring by .

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